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Calling All Superheroes!

To register for Dinner go to and click on the RSVP for Dinners link.

The time has come for us to gather at Mt. Dream Camp and discover who the mysterious mascot napper is! Have you figured it out?  Come to Dream Camp August 12-14th with your best superhero attire and camp site decorations. There will be contests for the best campsite decorations and voting on who you think is the kidnapper, as well as games, the movie, “Captain America #1, PG13”,  and so much more!

The gate house is open for registration and payment from 8am – 9pm every day. Each car will be given the gate code for the safety of ourselves and others. Anyone giving the gate code to any unregistered guest will be dismissed from the park immediately.

Friday to Sunday:
$15.00 each
(except for Pledges and others under 11 who are free).
Including all Park Life Members.

Prior to Friday:
$10.00 each person, each day;
children 11-16 $3.00 each;
10 and under are free. Park Life Members excluded.

Sunday only:
$5.00 per person