Jessica Parnell

I has been a freelance Graphic and Web Designer for the past 10 years. I have been in the Graphic design world since I was 19, and not going to tell you how old I am now, lets just say I have been doing this for many years 🙂 I work with a variety of clients from Home Health Care to Coupon Magazines, to Richland High School, with many many clients in between. I love my job and all the challenges and fulfillment it brings me.

I am a mother of 2, my son is 19 and plays golf for CBC in Pasco, and my daughter Allie is a Sophomore at Richland High School, and Grand Outer Observer and Camps this year.

As a Rainbow girls from Waitsburg I held the Grand Office of Nature from 1990-91. I took a break from Rainbow after high school until my daughter was 11 and have been involved full board since then. I am currently the Mother Advisor of Tri Cities Assembly #66 and loving it.

I was asked to take over the website the first of the year and since I am always at my computer felt that this would be a good fit for me. So if you need anything involving the website or any other marketing materials designed please feel free to contact me.