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William Mark Sexson’s idea for a group of young girls in 1922 was the beginning of our organization. A member of The Order of Eastern Star, he saw a need for young women to have a place where they could grow and become strong leaders, within the Masonic Family. The first assembly was in McAlester Oklahoma, with 171 members.

Rainbow quickly spread across the country and in less than a year it reach Yakima, Washington, where our first assembly was instituted with 40 members. In just 4 years, there were enough assemblies in Washington for us to hold our first state-wide conference, Grand Assembly, bringing together 22 assemblies.
Alaska joined Washington from 1938 to 1943. In 1943, Idaho also joined Washington and Alaska forming one massive Jurisdiction that spanned the Pacific Northwest.In 1962, Alaska formed their own Jurisdiction, and Washington and Idaho have remained one Jurisdiction ever since.

In addition to the thousands of young girls and adults who have served Washington Idaho, 87 young women have served at the helm as Grand Worthy Advisors (GWA), our first elected GWA being Mrs. Margaret Alleman Kenrick, who went on to serve in various adult leadership positions including Supreme Inspector from 1964 to 1988 when Mrs. Alice Yoder succeeded her.
After serving as Supreme Confidential Observer in 1996, Mrs. Yoder passed the office onto Mrs. Barbara Weedin Brown, a majority member of Aloha Assembly, who had previously been the Director of Grand Officers.

Mrs. Brown has served as Supreme Confidential Observer, Supreme Religion, and Supreme Fidelity, and will celebrate 20 years as our Supreme Officer in 2015.

Today, 33 assemblies make up Washington Idaho, spanning from Port Angeles to Mountain Home.

Learn more about what Washington Idaho has been up to since 1922 by checking out our page on Past Grand Worthy Advisors, with information from their year.