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Fidget fidget cube official Cube Official of the rain, because he was not surveyed by Red Dust, can not jump out of the three realms, monks and also do secular custom, is known as fake monk. One is the fidget cube official door of the disciples of gossip, Bagua Sanshou Huang Zhenhua. An early but Greenwood giant bandits, after being South Tianyi Jian South Haotian traction into the guards camp, named Ke Zhiping, because of the bandit number is too ugly, so implicitly. There is also a call swimming pool, he comes from Qinghai. As for the seven people around, unarmed called hippocampus weeks get the upper hand. So that the cooked copper Shui is the cutting Jiangtao Li Mao, dumping the chain steel cone is to avoid water Han Yong. Listen to their nickname, see their moves, the fidget cube official river belongs to the characters. Yes They used to be in the Huainan area of the lake, the river flow to live, because too much extravagance, too insolent, was a surnamed Peng fidget cube info governor of the suppression, since not based in Huainan, the channeling to Mangniu Hill, re Open Walled gate, water for the land. A nose is very long, a knife inlaid with the whole star, his name, his numbers are advertised in the above, called gold knife, known as big nose. There is a very small person s eyes are small, we call him small eyes Dou Yun first. The two men in the facial features on a large and a small. Common in the elephant called Elephant Ridg.ead ghost Shaliang Quan, two stone altar altar altar of the altar, all in charge of collection of silver, that is, and Jiang Shenghai counterparts that one is the altar Luo 100. Tan Shangxiong and Sha Liangquan see Jiang Shenghai not help startled a startled, and Jiang Shenghai also see them, suddenly clear in the chest, because the two sides know each other. The two are also from the gates of hell out of guilty of ghosts Tan Shixiong said, Are you Jiang Shenghai said Yes, it is me. Only you one One fidget cube official is enough. Why take the atmosphere This seat one can take you into the government, Guigui membership. That being the case, we are competing for a bar Tan Shixiong ring around the head, see the crowded look crowded crowded, he frowned. Tut mouth, said There are many people, cast not open, another place how Everywhere Go, on the one Lin Tan Shixiong walked toward the side of a disciples confessed a few words low, that the audience a little nod on the left out of the crowd. Jiang Shenghai saw, but what is the other party talking about I am afraid that only listen to people know, rivers and lakes, fraud, anyway, take a step to go, he would not bother to ignore it. The main person who started off, watch the things people are shrinking before the. Because this study is not a fun thing, murder fight, fist is not long eyes, the sword also recognize t.

ight position, pull out Weaponry. Both blocked in the stone chamber center. Crack Cha sound into the together, the light spread the Quartet. Is a long knife, long knife out of the way Lin Chongwen footsteps of a lag, wheat Xiaoyun is swept on the sweep, I saw him a turn, two followers shift bit. Two long knife easy hand. The old monk, fidget cube official go Lin Chongwen greeting soon, but also moved the pace, proudly away. The old monk followed up. Mai Xiaoyun will be two long knife toward the ground in front fidget cube twitter of the attendant one by one, half of the blade into the rocks, and then also walked behind the temple. Mai Xiaoyun was a turn, two attendants immediately reach out and pull their weapons. However, the dragonfly to shake the pillars, they swollen red face, with the strength of feeding, even harder to move cents Ceng Jianji unwilling, he gently picked up the sword on the ground. Quietly jumped behind Mai Xiaoyun. Just a sword, with each other s vest stabbed in the past Mai Xiaoyun probably also fidget cube official has long eyes, the sword is not yet reached, the body has been horizontal, palm off, the sword and fly, and Jian Ji has wrist, bowed body can not afford to. That is too little cloud of wheat gas he is too insidious, so the abandoned finger and palm, palm cut, Jian Ji only the right palm be semi remnant. Since then, it can not force, one will force the palm of your.omplex so why This is why Li ghost rebellion, evil on the rebellion. They took Vulcan by night. They take advantage of the cold and longitudinal release ghosts. Around the fire, the state intended to kill. Unscrupulous Yama protect the house, generals Wei Road, they courageously resist, they come forward to law enforcement. In the justice, in the days of the heart, for the Yin Cao life. For the government to sacrifice, regardless of personal sacrifice. Bingren sound lock bone, eat and drink sound Chuo Lo. The groans began and fell. It s a good time to kill it, kill it a Huan Some people are screaming rationally. Seeking truth is one foot high. Hell into a true hell. Ugh I saw the devils are arbitrary ghosts to kill, everywhere to chase I saw Yin Yin Yin will have to fall back Stopped, stopped, and finally stopped. Dead people lying on the ground does not move, and live people also stand in the local stop. What about the old bald Old Tulv refers to the old Buddha. Because the only old hell door is a monk Oh As well as the successor of the old Bodhisattva sand Mi pure heart. In the fire under the light. In Ruixue back, clearly see that the person is talking about the devil is one of the ghosts in the gates of hell. Now inverted out of the mastermind of one. His name is Shi fidget cube official Jingtao, during his lifetime is three factions in a.en Yuzhen she could not help but asked. That Nether leader is so powerful, who is he He is Mount Tai. Shen Ru Xian implicitly answered. Oh, oh Zhenyu Zhen Sidongfeidong said how he gone Because he is Mount Tai. Shen Ru Xian and repeat the words. Zhen Zongwei, fearing that his daughter was daring and laughing, picked out, You do not see him using the unique Weaponry Oh It turned out to be him Zhenyu Chen finally said No wonder He called Golden Circle , he really is Tarzan , no wonder he despair to go. Shen Ruian You You said That Feng aunt Feng aunt thing, and only then again from the long term. Shen Ru Xian sadly answered. Huan far more than their sister two All the hearts of all feel Qiqi it Three noon. Day is in the middle. Mai Xiaoyun brothers, such as about the days have come to peak. This time, Liao and Pan Songqiu has been close to where the waiting. Two predecessors. Maemi Ming met with the arch from the hands, Qian Qian said We have not seen for a long time. Well Liao different one should be a diffuse, said The rock is not your brother deceive the day indiscriminately, inverted, we will not necessarily toward the phase again The younger brothers have always read Zizez, cautious and cautious, how can reverse it Liao Bieryeyi opened his eyes and said betrayal of hell is not a counter to the door Count. Killing the old.

Fidget Cube Official rtently, harmless, almost ruined his ruin, home to death, even life is also to pay out. Yanzi Hou waiting for the other side get all Qi Shu, he said, I ask you to tea, I invite you to dinner, and then listen to the winter bake macro talk about. Are you complimenting me, belittling me, or holding me Every book, half and half, you read more than I do, but because the book read a little too much, then become pedantic, and become stubborn. It s a different standpoint and a different point of view. Do not stand up, and do not point of view, and always eat the fidget cube edmonton same tea and everyone, right Liang public smile, said, Of course, the people to food, food without water is not life. Let s go, we ll have dinner. Please wait. Beam into the public into the public to inform the mother, told his wife, only with Yan Zihou go out. Restaurant wine shop. Hotel canteen, are three children flow, snake mixed place, but also a variety of news rumors received the place. So, you want to inquire what to go there, you have to promote what to go there to ensure that a few days, there must be income, will have effect Noon has done, no license following Liang public and Yan Zaixiang sitting in the same building with the floor of a corner of the restaurant, they finished eating, drinking tea, chatting. The other guests, like them, each squat head, in the tea, in the chat.chuckle out loud, but there is a person in the opening. Mai ming, you do not complacent too early, the old lady there treasures to be sent out. Mai Ming mind a move, yes, there is one, he saw each other s people, but I do not know each other s name, so that Your name is The old man to France days. In addition to Hongjiazhai because Hongjiazhai in Lingnan fame heavier. In addition to Hongji Ji because Hongjiazhai brothers occasionally walk in the rivers and lakes. And these people That is probably no ignorance of wheat ignorant, he had not heard of, to faintly said The Lord is what is it You see for yourself Fool Well hum Sound, such as muffled thunder, but also like roaring, wheat Ming Ming suddenly a startling. He secretly pondering, carefully consider This is the Roar Or Tigers Both are very similar, both are possible. Suddenly, the wind call sign, trees rustling, a monster from the right flutter out. what Yes, the tiger. There is a saying that the cloud from the dragon, the wind from the tiger. That monster is not a hanging fine white tiger it This is a good thing, wheat without knowing the words did not consciously fulfilled. Longtan here, he first encountered is the dragon two pythons, generally known as the dragon. Here is fidget cube official the tiger, and now the tiger has finally come out. Wu Song hit the tiger Jing Yang Kong, whic.

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