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The Leadership Summit is a two-day retreat offered to our members between the ages of 14 and 17 to prepare them to become leaders in their local assemblies and on the state level. We change the way your daughter thinks about herself and those around her, empowering her to become a positive example and role model. While at the retreat, she’ll hear from motivational speakers, engage with other attendees in break-out sessions, and have the opportunity to reflect on what she’s learned and how she’ll apply it in real-life situations when she leaves the retreat.

What she’ll learn

Goal setting and setting priorities
Communication and conflict resolution skills
Awareness of self and others
Leadership concepts and types of leadership
Planning and organizing skills

Who attends

The Leadership Summit is for all members ages 14 to 17, with breakout session geared towards those interested in becoming leaders or gaining leadership qualities.

Register for the Leadership Summit

Are you ready to stand out from the rest? Register today!