Our 2016 State Service Project is the Alzheimer’s Association

Hilarity for Charity-Alzheimer’s Association is the 2016-2017 Grand Worthy Advisor State Service project.  Alzheimer’s is a devastating chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gets worse over time.  It is the cause of 60-70% of cases of dementia.  The most common early symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events or short term memory loss.  As the disease advances, symptoms can include problems with language, confusion-including getting lost, mood swings, loss of motivation, not being able to manage self care and behavioral issues.  As a person declines, they often withdraw from family and society.  Gradually, bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death.  Although the speed of progression can vary, the average life expectancy is 3-9 years.

The cause for the disease is poorly understood and no cure has been developed.  The burden of care lies with family and caregivers.  It is difficult to perform 24 hours a day care and is complicated by patient loss of memory, agitation, depression, fearfulness and distrust.  Later, the caregiver must assist completely with feeding, incontinence and daily care.  It is heartbreaking and confusing for families to essentially lose their loved ones twice-once with their memories together and later in death.

Hilarity for Charity is devoted to assist with caregiving hours for families and research in Alzheimer’s treatment and research.   The money raised from the Color Walk and other projects by the Grandies, districts and assemblies will assist with this project.

Grand Worthy Advisor-May Powell includes multiple hands on projects for this cause in the districts and assemblies to visit their local Memory Care facilities.  Plus, donations of tie blankets for the fall, holiday gifts or decorations for winter and flowers for the Spring.  Please see www.livingsenior.com/memory_care  for a list of local Memory Care facilities.  

Also, visit the hilarityforcharity.org site

For More information please contact the NW Service team:  Marjie Hall, Service Chair at lilbitlcky@gmail.com

Other service team members include:  Grand Service, State Mom and State Rainbow Dad, Grand Cross team, Michelle Jerome, Steve Martin and May Powell.  

Service is the act of kindness towards others and please join our Jurisdiction in supporting this worthy project.

Some of our current and former Service Partners…


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