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The VIP (Very Important Pledge) program is the cornerstone to our membership program.

Our VIPs are girls in grades 3-5 who are interested in becoming Rainbow Girls after their 11th birthday. Becoming a VIP gives them the opportunity to form friendships with other VIPs around the state, that will become lifelong bonds after their journey through Rainbow.

VIPs meet for fun events, family dinner, and are encouraged to participate in many activities with their local Rainbow girls including charity work, installations, and many other assembly activities. At this stage, the pledges enjoy the big sister relationships they will form with the older girls as they work and play side by side, absorbing the positive energy that comes from being a good person inside and out. ​They spend the entire year from Grand Assembly to the next Grand Assembly doing activities to teach them the values of Rainbow girls: service, leadership, and confidence.

Be a VIP!

If you would like more information on Pledge events in your area, please contact Rozalynne Weinberg, our Director of Pledges at purplepledge@gmail.com